Samarpan Diagnostics is having one of the most efficient Digital X-Ray imaging to deliver maximum advantages include time efficiency through bypassing chemical processing and the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images. We at Samarpan have a variety of benefits for patients, including decreased radiation exposure and faster diagnostic times. Our digital X-Rays are more efficient and have more advantages.

X-ray procedures

HSG/ Fistulogram/ Barium Meal/ RGU/ MCU/ I.V.P. Hi-tech machines have been installed at Samarpan Diagnostics Centre with a high resonance imaging factor to produce a sharper and an intense image. Under X-Ray modality, Samarpan conducts HSG, Fistulogram, Barium Meal, RGU, MCU, and I.V.P specialized tests for the patients.

3T MRI Scanner

With radiology playing the core role in the diagnosis of illness, Samarapan Research and Diagnostic Centre is prominent in managing people’s ever-changing healthcare challenges with its pathological and radiology services. In Indore, we are one of the largest diagnostic centres with an aim to bring in better practices, machines and staff to improve our services.

This time we have rightly done with our latest machine MAGNETOM Spectra. A machine that offers unprecedented access to 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging.

Benefits to the doctor and patient

  • It offers unchallenged image quality that helps doctors make the best diagnosis.
  • Patient’s comfort is equally on priority. The layover is comfortable for the patient
  • The sharp diagnosis images allows targeted and focussed treatment.

With best-in-class 3T images, this machine will revolutionize the treatment and diagnosis process.

3D Mammography

Mammography is an x-ray picture of the breast, used to find tumours and to help tell the difference between noncancerous and cancerous (malignant) disease. At Samarpan our mammography scan is of High-Resolution, quick, easy and accurate.


In a very short span, Samarpan Imaging & Diagnostic centre has earned a name for best practices. We use top-notch machinery to which uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the inside of the body. At the centre, we perform an ultrasound of different parts of the body.

64 Slice Advance CT

Samarpan Diagnostics & Imaging centre is one of the pioneers in conducting this test In Indore. Our modern technology’s Artificial Intelligence assists every step for ensuring high image quality at the lowest dose. Our 64 slice CT scanners 70 cm Wide Gantry is helpful for patients having claustrophobia and its X-Care reduces direct X-Ray exposure for dose sensitive body regions like eye lens.

Also, SOMATOM go. Up–64 slice CT scanner is US FDA Approved for meeting global quality and safety standards.

LDCT (Low Dose Lung CT for smokers)

At Samarpan LDCT (Low Dose Lung CT for smokers) are performed. This unique test combines special x-ray equipment with sophisticated computers to produce multiple, cross-sectional images or pictures of the inside of the body. This test produces images of sufficient quality to detect any abnormalities while using up to 90% less ionizing radiation than a conventional chest CT scan does.

Who needs LDCT?

This test is for smokers of the age group 50-79, with a history of smoking from the past 20 years or currently smoking or have stopped smoking.

How is the LDCT helpful?

Through LDCT the technicians & experts look for nodules. These nodules may have the likelihood to produce lung cancer. Many of the nodules are due to old infections or allergies, further testing may help envisage the details.

Benefits of LDCT?

To detect:

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Interstitial (Lung Disease)
  • Any coronary artery disease

MARS (metal artefacts reduction) CT

At Samarpan we have special sequences of tests through MARS CT scanner that produces images with significantly improved diagnostic information which can measure the x-ray spectrum to produce colour images instead of black-and-white ones, and show different components of body parts such as fat, water, calcium, and disease markers.

CT Scan

A CT scan is a diagnostic imaging procedure that uses a combination of X-rays and computer technology to produce images of the inside of the body.

Colour Doppler

Colour Doppler is a non-invasive test that uses a computer to convert the Doppler measurements into an array of colours. This colour visualization is combined with a standard ultrasound picture of a blood vessel to show the speed and direction of blood flow through the vessel. For this process, the patients don’t require any form of sedatives and the process is not painful. At Samarpan Diagnostic Centre following tests are performed under colour Doppler.

Upper limb Arterial/venous | Lower limb Arterial/venous AV-fistula Arteriovenous | Carotid Doppler di | Renal Doppler