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3T MRI Scanner

With radiology playing the core role in the diagnosis of illness, Samarapan Research and Diagnostic Centre is prominent in managing people’s ever-changing healthcare challenges with its pathological and radiology services. In Indore, we are one of the largest diagnostic centres with an aim to bring in better practices, machines and staff to improve our services.

This time we have rightly done with our latest machine MAGNETOM Spectra. A machine that offers unprecedented access to 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging.

Benefits to the doctor and patient

  • It offers unchallenged image quality that helps doctors make the best diagnosis.
  • Patient’s comfort is equally on priority. The layover is comfortable for the patient
  • The sharp diagnosis images allows targeted and focussed treatment.

With best-in-class 3T images, this machine will revolutionize the treatment and diagnosis process.

Supporting Our Communities to Build Positive, Safe & Clear Patient Focused Culture.

The purpose of assessing and accrediting laboratories is to evaluate and ensure compliance with established standards, identify areas of excellence and to provide recommendations for improvement.

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